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Design Hotel Gargano

Functionality and aesthetics.  The fusion of these two elements make the Ariae a real design hotel in the Gargano area.

The entire building has been carefully thought through, designed and built to blend the “beautiful” with the “practical” and thus give life to a modern, surprising and captivating hotel which, at the same time, is extremely comfortable.

Starting with the communal areas, new arrivals are enchanted by the contemporary architectural lines, the play of light, the elegant choice of colours which are interspersed with much more vivid shades, making the whole setting truly eye-catching.

Furniture and accessories are as innovative as the building itself.  They play with shapes and spaces, redefining the very concept of communal areas in the context of the hospitality industry.

The design choices that have been made, enable the hotel to break the mould of traditional hotels and present itself as something really different and unique on the local scene.


The Ariae Hotel is a 4 Star design hotel that has been created to house the good and the beautiful things in the Gargano area.

Many of the choices of style and selection of furnishings are reminiscent of the surrounding area and this theme is carried throughout the communal areas, the restaurant, the lobby and the sitting room with its fireplace.

The same care and attention that is paid to all the rooms, the modern lines and the contemporary furnishings, are also in evidence in the “Bistrot”, the hotel’s in-house restaurant which, together with the other areas of the hotel, is the perfect setting in which to celebrate a wedding, a work function and large or small events in your and your family’s lives.

Aesthetics and functionality come back into play again in the design of the four different types of guest rooms, from the “Classic” to the “Basic” and from the “Ariae” to the “Ariae Suite”.

Colours, lights, shapes, lines and the choice of furnishings all breathe life into the carefully designed rooms in which you can enjoy an experience of total relaxation.

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